The light of creation is within us all. This is our Buddha nature, our inner light or Atman. The violet flame meditation expands your light. It also focuses your light into areas of your life and the world around you catalyzing energetic and spiritual transformation. Of all the spiritual rays violet is closest in vibration to the elements, elementals and nature spirits in our physical universe. Thus it penetrates and transforms matter and is great for clearing, detoxing, and healing at all levels of your being.

You can meditate on the violet flame and connect with Saint Germain whenever and as often as you like. Dedicate the violet flame to any personal and global issues that you want to heal. When you give the violet flame imagine you are joining others globally in forging a powerful and unstoppable momentum of light, love, and healing energy that purifies and transforms all energies. The violet flame transmutes negative energy and thus helps to heal illness, stress, anxiety, fear, and emotional attachments.


What is the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is a high frequency spiritual light or fire that has the power to transform your life and the lives of your friends and families. It is not a magic wand or linked to any specific religion or belief and you can combine this meditation with the practical steps to help yourself and others by transforming relationships and sending out healing energy. You can also meditate on the violet flame to enhance your spiritual practice, vitality, and quality of life.

The violet flame is a unique spiritual light. There is a spiritual spectrum behind the physical spectrum where radiant colours are pure and emanate from a brilliant, inner divine light. Spiritual light splits into seven colours or rays just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven main colours. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality. When you invoke a ray in the name of God, it manifests as a flame. Each spiritual ray possesses specific divine qualities and the colours of the seven rays have a particular clarity and power to heal. The violet flame emanates from the violet ray which has the special qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.

St Germain

Violet has long been associated with spirituality. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum and is at the point of transition to the next octave of light in the ultraviolet range. Saints and adepts across time and space have known how to use the violet flame. In recent times this knowledge is available and channeled from spirit by the ascended master Saint Germain.

What the Violet Flame Does

The violet flame has the power to erase or transmute the cause, effect, and the memory of your past mistakes. It transmutes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, and the fate of your karma into opportunities. The flame also erases negative karma from past actions, worlds and thoughts that you are yet to experience. Actions from your past lives come back to you. The general law of karma is a cosmic law stating that what goes around comes around. There are different types of karma such as that which ripens at the time of death and karma that arises when you do an action similar to that in a past life.

Most living beings pay their debt to life, or balance their karma, by selflessly reaching out and helping others. This can achieved by having a mind of love and experiencing the ripening affects of associated or entangled diseases or other forms of personal suffering. This need not be so with the violet flame. It has the power to transmute or mitigate your negative karma before it comes back to you.

Violet Geometry

The violet flame facilitates the healing of your body by removing any karma which would otherwise make you vulnerable to illness and disease. However the real cause of disease is often rooted at your mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. These are reflected in your holographic blueprint and also in the things that happen in this life which you may feel are out of your control or unexpected events and situations that arise ‘out of the blue’.

Your thoughts and emotions can affect your health. Research has shown that hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create excess amounts of acid in the body that it cannot assimilate. These negative thoughts and feelings often originate in emotional and psychological problems which the violet flame can help to resolve. The liquid healing light of the violet flame heals and dissolves the scars of old hurts and painful memories.

Visualize yourself standing in a sphere of violet light and feel the violet flame passing through all levels of being including your mind, feelings and emotions. Know and trust the power and healing of the violet flame. Feel the energy of unconditional love emanated by Saint Germain and the violet flame. This beautiful, blazing, singing flame is truly the wine of forgiveness, the wine of the Holy Spirit.

How the Violet Flame Works

The violet flame works by transforming the frequency of vibration or speed of oscillation (rate of cyclic motion) into higher octaves. The violet flame works by changing vibrations at the cellular, atomic and quantum levels. It raises your energy levels to that of divinity and thus clears anything associated with previous lower levels of vibration. Effectively it helps you go beyond the lower vibrations of pain, anger, hurt and illness to enter the higher vibrations of love, oneness, compassion and divine connection.

Atoms are mostly empty space and this space is quantum potential. When the atoms in your body and aura becomes clogged with negativity the electrons spin around slower and slower. Then you start to resonate more with more negativity and less with light. It is like negative karma ripens and you are faced with darker situations and more difficult challenges. You then have a lower vibration and become less spiritual in your outlook on life. This increased negativity is also reflected in your aura.

Violet Flame Person

The violet flame transmutes your negative energy. Not only does it surround and remove the negative energy but transforms it into light. Since there is less density within the atom the electrons spin around faster and faster thereby raising your vibration.

When you have a higher vibration there is more spiritual energy in your body. Acupuncturists and yogis know that optimum health arises when this spiritual energy flows freely throughout the body. The violet flame frees up this energy and re-establishes harmony and equilibrium propelling you into a more spiritual state of being.

Alchemy of the Violet Flame

The violet flame is a tool of self-transformation. Physical experiments in alchemy whereby base metals are transformed into gold are symbolic of what the violet flame does which is the alchemy of self-transformation.

Alchemists of the Spirit sought spiritual wealth and abundance beyond material desire or need. They sought to transform themselves into more spiritual beings by becoming more loving, wise and compassionate. The violet flame has the capacity to bring about this transformation by transmuting negative elements within ourselves. It has a unique ability to transform fear and hatred into love and courage, and anxiety into peace.

The violet flame is like a cosmic eraser. When we invoke the flame of mercy as the Holy Spirit it actually erases the effects, the memory, and the cause of negative actions in our lives. This would be the balancing of karma.

There is no need to go through hypnosis or regression. When we call upon this action of the Holy Spirit all our hatred, fear, resentment and anger are dissolved in the flame. We remember and our ‘I AM presence’ and connect with source energy and Christ consciousness.

Cosmic violet flame

Transmutation is a spiritual process which raised the soul into a state of unity with the divine.

How to Use the Violet Flame

The violet flame is practical and easy to use. It is often a good idea to call for spiritual protection before invoking the violet flame. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, and sit comfortably in a straight chair with your spine and head erect, legs and arms uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your upper legs, with palms facing upwards.


The violet flame is invoked through a type of affirmation known as decreeing. This is a unique form of spoken prayer which involves meditation and visualization. Take a few deep breaths and meditate deep within your heart whilst grounded to the centre of the earth and connected to the divine source energy. Invite St Germain into your sacred space.

Mentally or verbally recite “I AM a being of violet light and flame. I AM the purity that God desires!” Recite this with mindfulness and full attention. Give the decree your love, devotion and feeling. Repeat the decree three or nine times to begin with and gradually increase to 36, 72 or more repetitions. Focusing for longer periods and repeating the decree strengthens its power and draws in more light and love.

Once familiar with the decree you can close your eyes and concentrate on visualizing the violet flame. In your imagination picture yourself before a large violet spiritual fire that is about nine feet high and six feet wide. See the violet flame in your imagination and picture the flames pulsating and undulating in continuous shades of oscillating violet with purple and pink highlights. Visualize yourself stepping into the flame so that the violet flame is where you are in physical reality. See your body as transparent with the flames curling up from beneath your feet, passing through and around your body and over your head so you are engulfed in the transformation, purification and healing energy of the flame.

You may see the violet flame as a physical violet fire. You may also be able to visualize the violet flame at work with your mind’s eye by concentrating on the spiritual centre or third eye between your eyebrows.

Violet Flame Reiki

You can also use the violet flame to help your family and friends. See the violet flame around them while you give the decree and add a prayer before you start. The violet flame can also help others across the world and other dimensions. Also ask that this violet flame be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. Thank the divine consciousness and accept it done according to the will of the universe (God).

Even a few minutes of violet flame will produce results but persistence is required to penetrate age-old habits you would like to change. Start out with just a few minutes of violet flame meditation in the morning to help you through the day and you can add the violet flame to whatever prayers or meditations you practice as you are guided to or see fit.


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