Spiritual awakening is a complex phenomenon which depends on each individual’s path.

Although it’s a particular experience, enlightenment is also said to be possible at a global scale. 

In this article, I will take into consideration a few implications of this matter in the hope that they’ll serve everyone as a starting point for their own journey.

The Golden Age

A widespread theory related to universal spiritual awakening is that the world is already going through a revival phase. 

It is also called the Age of Aquarius and it is believed to have started in 2012. It’s because December 21st 2012 is the date of a new era in the Mayan calendar.

Of course, the transition between the past and current era is still happening as we speak, with 2016 being a year which marked an acceleration of this process.

There are a few signs which make it quite obvious:

  • increased means of finding purpose and spiritual awakening (retreats, minimalistic trends)
  • an accentuated preference for traveling as soul searching
  • more diverse therapeutic options
  • people start giving up on comfort (secure jobs, belongings)
  • the scale of global help campaigns has expanded
  • less and less people are willing to give in to negativity
  • resurgence of organic lifestyles.

Selflessness and Universal Immersion

All the signs I talked about in the lines above can be attributed to an overall trend, which manifests through a diminishing of the ego. 

Although it’s not perceivable directly, this tendency is an effect of the spiritual work people are starting to put in.

The more we raise our vibration through spiritual practices, the more we blend ourselves within the universal matrix. When this dissolution happens, it’s easier to feel more at peace with the world and more tuned in to the universal vibration.

We start letting go of fear and vanity, this dynamic building a positive counterpart to all the negativity surrounding us.

Spiritual Awakening and Synchronicity

At first, you will notice the signs of universal spiritual awakening in small coincidences which will become more and more frequent. These are called ‘synchronicities‘ because they’ll seem like pieces of puzzle fitting right where they should, at the right time and in the right place. Or as answers you were long expecting from the Universe.

Once each individual gets these answers, it’s easier for them to deepen their spiritual quest and increase their personal contribution to the universal shift of consciousness.

The key will be to never let go, especially because this will affect the overall resurgence of light.

We are all energy and love, so it’s natural that even the smallest of personal contributions to raising the vibration will add up and have an impact.

To give you a visual representation, it’s just like ripples throughout the pond.  If each one of us keeps planting the seeds of love, it creates a ripple effect in positive vibrations.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to predict when the shift in consciousness will occur at a global level or whether this will happen during our lifetime.

What we can be certain of is that we’re experiencing a deeply transformative phase and we also have the means to contribute to it. This is the best legacy we can offer.


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