Epigenetics refers to factors outside of our individual DNA which affect our genes. Meaning how it changes in your environment, in critical stages of growth, and how it can change your “life blueprint”.

In turn, it also changes how our children will feel in their own life. It can even make them susceptible to diseases or help them to heal.

How Do Epigenetics Work?

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function which do not involve changes in the DNA sequence. This means they are not interested in the new DNA strands which are added or how your individual DNA is formed from your parents.

They are interested in how the changes in the life our parents had, affect our genes.

When we come into this world we are at first just a group of cells. They are all alike and all contain the same DNA.

After this point, specific organs are created. This happens when, within our cells, a piece of the DNA gets activated and other are turn off.

This turns these stem cells into:

  • Neurons
  • Liver cells
  • Erythrocyte in blood
  • And many others.

This makes them specific cells that know how to focus on a particular function.

Doctors tell us that these activations and inactivations are normal and healthy for our development. But many of them can cause diseases for you or your children.

The Way Epigenetics Affect Our Genes

Our body knows how to heal itself and suppress diseases. But with generations, this part of our DNA has been turned off and has caused this illness to reach so many of us.

But there is a way to change it. As well as silencing specific genes, epigenetics can also activate our DNA strands and affect our genes in a positive way.

Think that what you choose to eat and think today will directly influence the health of generations to come.

Swedish scientists have proven there is a connection between the amount of food a boy had in critical ages of development and the risk of his children and grandchildren to die of:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • or diabetes.

It has also proven that having enough varied food at this particular age, has lowered the risk of cardiovascular diseases for future generations.

Consider Activating Your Genes

As we’ve shown our genes can be influenced by our lifestyle in every form:

  • By what we eat
  • The way we think
  • The emotions we feel
  • The treatments we take
  • And even the air we breathe.

But you can change this. You can heal your body and pass this energy to generations to come. Affect our genes in a positive way, through DNA activation. 


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