If you’ve ever come across highly-spiritual individuals who seemed to possess infinite reserves of selflessness and inner peace, you may want to find out they’re quite likely to be starseeds.

You may have also wondered how it would be like if you were in their shoes. How does the experience of being a starseed make them feel? In other words, how would you feel like if you were one of them?

You might be surprised to learn you actually are one of these special beings. In fact, we all are starseeds, so you’re welcome to start reading and get more revealing insights.

To Each Their Own – The 3 Different Degrees of Perception

Experience as a starseed implies that you perceive the inner and outer world in completely different terms than a regular individual would.

However, this perception comes in different degrees of intensity, matching the 3 kinds of starseeds out there:

  1. Typical Starseed. Having undergone 5 to 15 previous lives, these starseeds are spending time as beings on Earth to serve as spiritual aides and guides for other people. Their higher consciousness allows them to always feel connected to both worlds (terrestrial and extraterrestrial), so as to serve both.
  2. Old Soul Starseed. Also called ‘guardians of Earth’, these starseeds have experienced hundreds of past lives, which means they are as old as humanity. They most often incarnate as shamans, prophets, sages or lightworkers, and they perceive reality using more nuanced senses due to resonating with their extraterrestrial origins.
  3. New Starseed. This kind of starseed has a pure aural energy, as they have either one or no previous life. Their cosmic energy may sometimes feel overwhelming and this is why they might feel displaced – they’re just beginning a universal learning process and have to understand how to channel their energies.

What Does One Experience as a Starseed?

The primary quality of a starseed is generosity because their goal is to spread the seeds of light across the Earth. They basically have a harmonising purpose, since they even out the level of positive energy in the Universe.

That’s why their existence is dedicated to serving this greater cause.

In short, a starseed’s existence is driven by a powerful impulse of reaching out to struggling souls and guiding them to finding their way back to light.

At the same time, however, they also need to cultivate their own connection to their origins.

So, as a starseed, you could lead a life governed by meditation, reflection, and a thirst for digging deeper into astral knowledge or universal wisdom.

There is more that starseeds can do. Every ounce of wisdom, clarity or extraterrestrial insight they gain is then put to the service of healing other human beings. 

From the lines above, one might think starseeds live a privileged life full of perfection, something that regular people cannot even dream of. This is a common misconception.

In fact, experience as a starseed implies extraordinary challenges. This happens because you have to deal with unimaginable amounts of energy, which is not positive all the time.

Are You Ready to Learn More about Your Starseed Nature?

If you recognized yourself in the lines above – or if you simply seek to better understand the cosmic secrets of your being – don’t put away the fire you feel igniting inside you.

You are actually called to fulfil one of the noblest missions on this Earth.


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