People nowadays have so many tools to deepen their knowledge and yet they seem to hardly come across information about esoteric beings like starseeds.

Starseeds are really special cosmic entities capable of passing through several lives due to the extraordinary starseed characteristics they possess.

Knowing these otherworldly qualities could open your eyes to a whole new dimension of reality and to a whole new way of approaching human interaction, from a cosmic standpoint.

Starseeds are capable of reshaping people’s destinies with their extraterrestrial powers, so everyone should know how to spot these wondrous people when they meet them.

Physical Particularities

Although appearance is not the most striking of the starseed characteristics, there are a few details which, upon a closer look, can be extremely telling and indicative of the extraterrestrial origin:

  • unusual/less common eye shape, colour or spark
  • eyes exerting a magnetic effect upon everyone around
  • more acute senses (especially vision and hearing)
  • either high tolerance or adversity for consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • immediately-arresting presence
  • calm demeanour in every circumstance.

Generally speaking, starseeds are beings who, even when not possessing distinctive, in-your-face physical qualities, still manage to make themselves visible with an uncanny way of conducting themselves.

Personality Traits

The starseed characteristics shine through the most in an individual’s personality and interests.

You’ll recognize a starseed by their particular interest in spending time in nature, for instance. They would often seek for escapism in remote or quiet areas because their aura needs to constantly ‘update’ itself and raise to the higher frequency flowing freely in such energetically-charged spaces.

Given their experience with living across several universes and time dimensions, they are also extremely proficient at raising or lowering their energy levels so as to match a different person’s energy. Their auras are very responsive to the quantum dynamics of the universe and to what is called ‘The Frequency of Love’.

Other starseed characteristics include advanced levels of practical intelligence. Starseeds possess an uncanny flair for doing what’s right and adjusting to different situations, no matter how demanding these are. A strength they possess is trusting their instinct and choosing the right path even when faced with less clear circumstances.

Starseeds present an extraordinary capacity to acquire new knowledge, analyse it and convey it to the others.

If you’ve ever encountered people who experienced countless setbacks or merciless adversities, yet still seem to be gracious and radiant … it’s quite likely they’re starseeds.

Because they’ve reached a level of serenity from their past experiences. They know hardships are not the end of the road. Rather, they’re the Universe’s manner of conveying a message.

Just like children, starseeds always enjoy and appreciate life and the gifts of the cosmos genuinely, intensely and uncompromisingly.

Starseed Characteristics Can Be Cultivated

Even if lay people are not starseeds, they can still seek to grow so as to achieve a starseed-like existence.

In order for them to get there, they need to leave preconceived notions aside, understand the nature of their mission in this Universe and surround themselves with those who spread the light, the love and the spiritual wisdom.


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