Time is a finite resource, compared to energy which is renewable.

If you think that by working more hours per day you actually accomplish more, you’re fooling yourself.

You need to learn to manage your energy more efficiently, instead of obsessing over time. Energy springs in our emotions, our body, mind and spirit, which can be maximized by using certain rituals.

Our lives have become more demanding than ever, that’s why you need to start focusing more on renewing your energy and get the most out of every day.

These are the most important benefits you will get from doing so.

Physical Energy

How many of you can truly say you sleep properly, eat healthy food, exercise and find time to rest? Perhaps you can check only one of these things, but it’s important for all these aspects to be intertwined.

manage your energy

You can build rituals in order to counteract the lack of physical energy, such as:

  • Going to bed early, at the same hour every night
  • Change the eating habits
  • Start working out
  • Sleep more than six hours per night
  • Take more frequent breaks during work hours

Emotional Energy

Emotions can profoundly affect our effectiveness, regardless of our environment.

You’ve probably noticed yourself that you tend to be more productive when you’re feeling positive. Different triggers can activate those negative emotions within us, which tend to decrease our performance.

To avoid this, you need to find those triggers, so that you can manage your energy and keep your reactions under control.

Take a break whenever a negative emotion hits you. If the setting allows you, close your eyes for a couple of minutes, focus on your breath and try to restore those positive vibes.

Mental Energy

Multitasking is the norm at the workplace and in life in general. Nowadays, we rarely see someone who is doing only one thing at a time.

Again, this doesn’t make us more productive. Instead, it prolongs the time it would actually take to accomplish something.

So, the issue here is not the time, but making sure you dedicate your mental energy to a single task.

Reduce your daily interruptions and you will notice how efficient you can use your mind using the same amount of energy.

Spiritual Energy

The fast paced life we’re all living today doesn’t allow us to reflect and pay attention to the things which really matter to us.

Our human spirit is activated whenever our everyday life reflects our values and we see a meaning and purpose.

There are three areas you need to clarify in terms of priorities to access the energy of the human spirit:

  • What do you do best and what do you enjoy doing?
  • How much time to allocate for work, family, health?
  • Which are your core values?

If you try to address all of these questions, then start working towards improving your energy levels, you will notice your satisfaction will increase and every aspect of your life will become more aligned with who you truly are.

Manage Your Energy. Change Your Life

If you’re feeling burned out, drained, you lack enthusiasm and feel like you don’t have time to do anything, you need to change the scenario.

Time is not the enemy here – your energy is.

But if you learn to manage your energy on all these four aspects, then you will regain control over your life.

Together, we can make this world a more harmonious place. I love you with all my heart.


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