Humanity is starting to wake up and realize that we can achieve many great things by understanding our body, our DNA and how it’s related to our consciousness.

Our DNA is responsible for much more than building our body. It is considered a data storage centre which can communicate with us and vice-versa.

DNA activation is important because we can influence it and reprogram it by words and frequencies without removing a single gene.

The activation of our DNA has certain symptoms which you need to be aware of in order to feel at ease with your spiritual journey and to continue expanding your consciousness.

The power that lies in your genetics is mind blowing, so you should let yourself free and experience this magnificent journey to your cosmic heart.

You may or may not experience all these symptoms at some point during the DNA activation. But remember that you can’t fight them – you just need to ride the wave and enjoy the ride.

dna activation

Common Symptoms You May Experience Due to DNA Activation

1. Connecting with your soul tribe

As you experience the activation of your DNA, you will notice that you will meet people with whom you will establish a powerful connection just by looking into their eyes. That is because they most likely are a lost brother or sister, someone who can become your partner during this journey.

You’re basically reconnecting with your soul tribe, with those who have the same purpose and goal as you – to expand their consciousness and elevate their spirituality.

2. Headaches

Headaches are extremely common when we experience the activation of our DNA. We may tend to find different motives for our headaches, but there will be nothing wrong with our health.

This is a sign that things are changing for us, biologically, physically, mentally and spiritually.

3. Environmental changes

This is going to happen both at a personal and professional level. You may change your job, change the place you live in, part company with some people, and many others.

All of these changes are meant to bring you closer to your true path, your true purpose.

Don’t fear career changes or break ups. Embrace them, welcome them into your life. This is all part of the process.

4. Forgiveness comes easier

When you’re activating your DNA, it’s much easier to forgive and to move on from certain circumstances. Certain people can drain you, physically, emotionally and mentally, so it’s best to just cut cords with them.

5. Trusting your intuition

Intuition can be confused by some people with their thoughts and so they usually disregard it. But when DNA activation occurs, you’re starting to trust your intuition, your inner voice.

It will guide towards light, love and the direction of your dreams.

dna activation

6. Feeling confused

Some days, you may wake up feeling confused because you won’t know where you are, what day it is, what time it is or what’s going on. This intense feeling will last approximately 3-4 seconds and it shouldn’t scare you.

When we dream, we travel to different dimensions, other frequency bands, we’re communicating with different beings, so when we wake up we may be disoriented because part of us is still there.

Remember that it’s all normal and part of the ride.

Unleash Your Star Seed Nature

Our human potential is strongly related to our DNA activation. If we acknowledge and accept it, we will be one step closer to expand our consciousness and become a star seed.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms? Let me know. I’d like to hear about your experience.


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