I’m thrilled when I see that more and more people have started to realize how our DNA can interact with our consciousness and help us expand it.

Our DNA stored a lot of data and not only that. It also responds to our emotions and words and it reacts to certain frequencies.

You need to activate your DNA and take advantage of it to go deeper into the light and be guided towards a higher level of consciousness.

Activating your DNA is simple. You only need to follow these simple steps and you can even do it at home.

How to Activate Your DNA at Home

1. Relax

If you want to be committed to activating your DNA, you need to remove all distractions.

Find a comfortable position in a quiet area, whether it’s at home or in nature, keep your spine straight and relax your entire body.

activate your dna

2. Visualize

After you feel like nothing can distract you, imagine yourself in the middle of the Universe. Then, visualize that you’re bringing the energy up through your feet, release it in your entire body and open all your chakras.

3. Go beyond

Your body is now filled with energy, you’re in the centre of the Universe and nothing can stop you now. What you need to do next is go beyond the Universe, past the light, past the dark and reach a new, unexplored world full of possibilities.

Use your energy to reach places that you’ve never seen before; dimensions and frequencies that you’ve never felt before.

4. Use meditation music

I find that meditation music can help activate your DNA because the vibrations and the frequency created by the sounds can increase our extra sensory perceptions.

By listening and focusing on the music, you will clearly hear every beat, every musical instrument which will make you more aware in your everyday life.

activate your dna

5. Use affirmations

I’ve talked about affirmations before and I must say that people underestimate their importance and their power.

If you want to expand your consciousness and activate your DNA, you need to create your own affirmations and use them every time you start this process.

Think about the affirmation that you want to make. Then, you need to feel it and let the energy flow through your body. Ultimately, you need to experience the affirmation by letting it become part of you and embracing the transformation.

This step will probably take you the longest time, so allow yourself as much time as you need here.

6. Send energy

You can use prayer as a means for sending light and energy to those who need it the most in this world. Praying is not selfish. You can do it exclusively to help others so that they receive good energy.

You can concentrate on a specific person or on people who are suffering even if you don’t know them personally, for example, those who are going through a bad break up or just lost someone.

Reach New Destinations

DNA activation has the potential of changing your life and it will most likely make you more aware of your emotions, feelings, reactions and thoughts.

It’s also a way of discovery and development of your spiritual self and a powerful method of achieving inner peace.

I hope you’ll give DNA activation a try. If you do, let me know how that went.


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