Do you know that phrase which goes ‘easier said than done’? You must be encountering it on a regular basis.

It is the phrase which applies perfectly to a specific context in our lives: the moments we realize we need to get a new perspective. 

But when do you need to acquire this new perspective? It might be when:

  • you feel you’re stuck in a counter-productive routine
  • you’re at a major crossroad in your life
  • you had an eye-opening experience
  • you have to juggle heavy responsibilities all at once.

But all in all, it’s about when you feel it’s time to renew the way you make sense of your circumstances. You might not even experience challenging struggles when you need to make this change. It’s just the way life goes – we need to change in order to grow and re-access the path to our real cosmic nature.

In order to deal with this change, you need to be equipped with the right set of knowledge about the above-mentioned cosmic substance you’re made of. Today, it’s about the so-called ascension energies.

get a new perspective

It’s All about Taking the Leap. Making a Shift

Ascension energies are those which operate radical changes in awareness and perceptiveness. Which ignite your soul, offer it relief and place it in an elevated position, wherein it can truly get a new perspective.

When you start opening your inner eye to the ascension energies, you see your psyche as an emotional body.

You may have experienced these energies without knowing. It’s not necessarily about out-of-body experiences, but also about moments of epiphany, wherein you had the impression some sort of revelatory information has been downloaded to you.

You may have felt elevated, a bit shaken and, for a moment, you may have felt suspended from the physical realm.

When experiencing such ‘alien’ sensations, most people tend to shrug them off and go on with their lives, without further investigations. Those who want to know more, however, are willing to take the leap and prepare to get a new perspective.

And when they take this step, there’s no way back. They’ll only ascend higher into the realm of cosmic revelations.

Are YOU Ready to Get a New Perspective?

Then you should be one of the brave ignited souls I was talking about.

You’ll have to shape your emotional body on the following premise: perceptions are a sensorial way the Cosmos gets in touch with your energy.

get a new perspective

How do you know you’re ready to do this? There are a few signs:

  • You feel sudden longings for an unidentified object, person or situation
  • You have melancholy states, but you don’t know what to make of them
  • You are increasingly interested in the spiritual aspects of your life, rather than in the material ones
  • You seek for more silence
  • You want to travel more
  • You feel the need to break up with old habits, but don’t know what exactly to put instead
  • You over-analyse every facet of sensations you’re feeling.

If you tick a few of the boxes above, chances are your soul is trying to communicate and tell you to start the journey toward renewal and reconnection.

Listen to your soul and ignite it. Get to know it better by connecting with your extra dimensional aspects of the micro and macro Cosmos.


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