Too often do we find ourselves in a position of weakness, wherein we either are unable to take decisions or we fail to escape vicious circles enslaving our will.

The answer to these tribulations can be found in self-realization – or the process of getting in touch with your true nature. The whole process is enabled by third eye opening.

Of course, you may have come across this phrase a couple of times before. It may have even seemed like those concepts which are too good to be believed. Truth is, you may not have got into further research on the matter, so I’m here to offer you a more comprehensive understanding.

Rewriting the Narrative

When we think of ourselves, the easiest way to perceive our beings is throughout our five senses. It’s the most familiar narrative, meaning that we are used to explaining daily happenings through basic perceptivity. 

third eye opening

But we are more than that and we have to go beyond it since we possess a more complex entity to explore. That’s why we need to learn how to write another narrative about ourselves and our purpose in life.

Third eye opening is the most accessible one, since it channels an additional dimension – the sixth sense. I used the phrase ‘additional dimension’ as it illustrates an accurate dynamic: the 6th sense takes the other 5 and merges them into a powerful mechanism decoding cosmic information. 

Once this happens, your being is practically rewired. In other words, you press the most powerful switch your being has.

Your Body Has Been Endowed for Third Eye Opening

Just like a physical workout, third eye opening takes what your organism already has and strives to take it to the peak of its functions.

I’m talking about the pineal gland, a small gland located at the base of the cortex. By producing a hormone called melatonin, it controls the daily and seasonal biorhythms.

When it does not function to optimal capacity, we may:

  • feel less productive
  • experience changes in behaviour
  • experience disturbances in sleep patterns.

But once you decide to focus on enhancing its function, and therefore open the third eye, you’ll notice that your entire body will start to cooperate and realign its functions.

third eye opening

Meditation, Intuition, Perception – An Elevated Dynamic

Aside from optimized bodily functions, activation of the third eye chakra impacts your intuitive resources.

After working on your third eye activation by meditating, you will notice a gradual increase in perceptivity. Aspects you would have overlooked will turn into meaningful insights. Signals coming from people around you will be interpreted more accurately.

All these life-altering improvements are made possible by meditation, which is the most secure path to access your inner stargate to the Universe.

Gaining a New Notion of Freedom and Self-Worth

An activated third eye is not some miracle from the skies above. It ultimately is the result of sustained spiritual work which naturally results in opening our entire beings to reconnecting with the universal matrix.

The moment you are engaged in this endeavour, that’s when you’ll realize the importance of letting go. Because you can only let go when you are completely aware of your true worth.

And truth is, you are worth a lifetime of wonders and abundance, you are worth experiencing the countless blessings of the One Cosmic Love.


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