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Discover the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the world and reality from the shamans of indigenous cultures to the mystery schools of ancient civilisations. Here you can read articles revealing the ancient knowledge and technology of your ancestors and visitations from ancient astronauts and communications with enlightened extra-terrestrials. Our ancient brothers and sisters discovered that life was a preparation for the passing of a soul from one dimension to another dimension. At a mystery school a soul learns about life, the universe and everything. They take that wisdom forward and develop during their life on Earth. They learn and grow from important life lessons and spiritual training whilst in a physical body. Feel this ancient knowledge and wisdom, and much more, flow through you and give you a sense of true freedom from suffering and escape from the Matrix of Samsara. Scientific evidence for the existence and importance of ancient astronauts and extra-terrestrials will also be explored. This includes key insights into unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), secret government projects, spacecraft technology, and the ground-breaking work of visionary researchers including Erich von Däniken and David Icke. They uncover, translate, and present a rich tapestry of ancient knowledge about ancient sites across the world including the pyramids, and examine ancient astronaut evidence at many locations including Egypt, Easter Island, Nazca, Atlantis, and Lemuria. Read on to discover explosive articles that unlock the ancient secret knowledge, historical, archaeological, and scientific evidence relating to the pyramids and ancient sites around the world and on other worlds in the solar system and beyond. Open your mind, activate your third eye, and apply your accelerated learning to your daily life in today’s busy world. Learn more about the ancient technology, healing methods and meditation techniques used by the Egyptians, the Tibetans, the Vedas, the Chinese, and many others. Plus techniques and technology transmitted across the stars and through space and time by the Arcturians, Pleidians, Lyrans, and many others.

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