Preparation and Posture

Before meditating, it helps to be in as comfortable position as possible, ideally sitting in a relaxed position and alert, either sitting in a chair or on a meditation cushion with your legs crossed. Keep your back straight and relaxed with your feet flat on floor and relaxed. Place hands on lap or knees, with fingers slightly apart, palms up or down, not touching. To stop slouching or becoming sleepy it is important to sit upright with your back straight and head titled slightly downwards. It also helps to keep your eyes slightly open and then relax each part of your body in turn. If sat in a chair plant your feet flat on the floor. Play calm music and burn incense according to your preference. It is perfectly okay to meditate in total silence.

Once in a relaxed posture, watch your mind and let thoughts go one by one like bubbles in an ocean. You can also take several slow rhythmic and deep belly breaths to calm your mind down and slow your heartbeat. This is very useful if you have been active or have a lot on your mind when you prepare for meditation.  Place your mind to focus on your breathing and the sensation of your breath in and out through the tips of our nostrils for five minutes or a little longer. Do not think about it, judge or analyse. Just be and flow with the rhythm of your breathing.

Relaxing Your Body for Meditation 

Breathe nice and easy and focus on the intention to remove any energy blockages you have acquired and balance the energy in your body, mind and spirit. Use your mind to watch your breath and coordinate breathing with physical relaxations. Breathe in to focus on a section of your body to relax. Breathe out and think the command to relax that section of your body. Then move onto the next section of your body.

meditation 1

Relax your left foot, ankle on left side, calf muscle, left knee, left thigh & upper leg, lower back & abdomen & left side of torso, left side of chest & upper back, left shoulder & upper arm, left elbow & wrist & forearm, left hand & joints of fingers, whole left arm & shoulder, left side of neck & side of head & half of face. It feels as if face becomes long so also relax jaw & eyes.

Then relax the right side of your face & neck & head, right shoulder & upper arm, elbow & forearm, wrist & right hand & fingers, whole right arm from fingers to shoulder, right side of torso & chest & upper back &abdomen & lower back, right hip, right thigh & upper leg, right knee, right calf & ankle, right foot & toes. Relax your whole body.

Take a few minutes to relax each area of your body until it feels like your whole body is dipped in warm water like it is being slowly submerged from toes up into a warm bath. Then focus on removing any energy blockages you have and balance the energies in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Letting Go of Distracting Thoughts

Whilst meditating, consider your thoughts like bubbles rising from your imagination. While bubbles in water contain gases, the thought bubbles that arise in the mind contain stories. Sometimes the stories inside these bubbles are emotionally compelling, and you cannot resist sticking your head inside to see what’s going on. The bubble now surrounds your head like a holographic display, complete with images, sounds, and tactile and other sensory information.

In order to to develop the ability to remain outside of the hypnotic bubbles of your thoughts, you can practice being aware of the actual physical space around you, and the light and sound and smells that it contains. You can then become aware of your entire physical body, and of the myriad sensations arising within it. You can be aware of feelings that arise in your body.

Noticing all of this creates a space of awareness that’s expended, rather than contracted. The mind is contracted when it’s absorbed in a single thought. It’s expansive when it’s paying attention to the breadth of your experience. When the mind is spacious, there is a sense of there being a distance from your thoughts as they bubble up. With this sense of distance comes the freedom to observe rather than participate in your inner dramas.

chakra lotus

With practice, you will find that although you still get distracted, and you still get sucked into the hypnotic bubbles that arise within the mind, it becomes easier for you to let your thoughts arise and pass away without becoming hypnotized by them. You find that you naturally do more observing and less participating. Then you spontaneously find yourself living in a more spacious realm of awareness. You find yourself enjoying greater freedom.

Meditation Focus & Concentration

Mindfulness, alertness, and single-pointed focus are the three aspects of successful meditating. When you are mindful, that is being in the moment, and fully aware of what you are focusing, then your meditation feels strong and stable. This is the case whether you are sat down, walking in the city or country, or doing everyday activities. For increasing focus it helps to use a suitable object of meditation such as the breath, love or compassion.

Perceiving all as energy in the form of love and spiritual light is ideal. This incorporates the inner, outer, oneness, and the highest emotional states. Use alertness as a silent observer observing your mind to ensure it stays mindful and remains on the object of meditation without mental sinking which is sleepiness or subtle dropping of focus. Also avoid mental excitement of distraction or having multiple focal points that take energy away from meditation. Meditate daily whilst keeping your object of meditation for seconds, minutes, hours, days. Master one object such as love in your heart or focus on the breath and transfer to another object. Concentration then becomes habitual and nourishing to the body, mind and soul.

Meditating on Love and Light

opening heart

Increase your grounded perception by growing luminous fractal roots of light into the earth right down into the 5th dimensional core. Then draw the light up from the core of the earth up through your earth star and base chakras to your heart. Also, feel connected to source, or the great central sun, by extending light through your crown and cosmic chakras out to the pure light beyond. Then draw that light back in through your upper chakras and into your heart. Visualise the light from above and below meeting at the love centre in your heart.

Bring your focus to your heart and feel the love and light within yourself and flow with the feeling. Focus on that feeling and be mindful of being in the moment without thinking of anything else whatsoever. If another thought or feeling arises then let it go like bubbles in the air or light reflecting on a mirror. Whilst focusing on your internal love and light watch yourself and feel how you feel. After 10 minutes, let your love project out slowly to encompass your home, your town, country and then the world. Let your love and light shine beyond in a sphere of expanding light imagining you are peace, harmony and oneness with all that is. Then visualise and feel humanity living in peace and harmony with nature and the earth.

Slowly arise from meditating and maintain your connection with your inner light and love at your heart and with the universe in everything you do, every step you walk and every breath you take. Be mindful and alert and take a deep breath between each action. This cuts the chords of what you have just been doing and helps release your mind from the mental clutter of thoughts and emotions. Then when refreshed continue with your next activity as a waking meditation in the limitless field of energy. Feel the flow and the energy connecting you, others and all beings across the dimensions.


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